Why Do You Charge Money For A Beta App?

Our goal is to create a product that helps freelancers and small business owners to be able to create invoices faster and easier than with any other product currently out there. To achieve this we continously imporve GladBills and roll out new features. We also want to do this toghether with you, the people using our product, and we therefore listen closely to how people use our product and what features could help to make it better. In order to invite everybody to participate in this proccess, we label our app as beta, even though the product is functional in its basic usage while having some specific features in development or beta.

We currently charge $ 12 a month, which we feel is a fair price based on the scope of features and functionality GladBills provide, and which is also much less what a lot of our competitors charge.

We still want to keep the beta-label as it signifies that the journey has just begun, even though the app is productive for a lot of people using it everyday.

Why Are You Based In Berlin?

As entrepreneurs we try to anticipate the future and be at the forefront of the hottest markets, products and eco-systems. We feel that Berlin has many advantages and is on a trajectory to one of the most creative and productive hub for entrepreneurs in the years ahead.

We could try to describe Berlin in this FAQ here, but it would hardly do any justice to the vibe and spirit that can only be experienced on the ground.

Are You Just Two People?

Yes, currently it is just Rudolf and me. But we are in the process of extending the team as well, see our job openings here.