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Guidelines For Using Our Press Resources

Link To Our Website

You can choose our press resources such as images and videos without explicit copyright notice as long as you place a link in your article or post to The link can also be without a visible URL as long as the term “GladBills” is used as or within the phrase linking to GladBills. In case the article is printed on physical paper you may refer to GladBills by citing the above URL or

Further, it should be made evident in the article or post, that the images or other media content from GladBills actually originates from and refers to GladBills.

The image or media from GladBills should not be altered in any way other than to resize it while ensuring that the correct aspect ratio of an image or media from GladBills is preserved.

Copyright Notice For Use Without Link

You can still use images or media content from GladBills without placing a link to GladBills in your article or post, as long as you indicate the used images or medias copyright by labeling each used resource with “© 2015”

Citing Text

You can cite text from press- and media-releases from GladBills as long as the same is not altered and the origin of the cited text is indicated. You can annotate the text as long as such annotations are clearly marked as such.

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